By: Urban Wild Studio

Here at Urban Wild Studio, we’ve taken a liking to drawing *a lot* of trees… and that’s thanks to one of our most meaningful partnerships and powerful visual storytelling suites to date.

Our partnership with Women’s Forest Congress during the last few years gave us a chance to learn about women in the forestry sector, an underrepresented group.

It permitted us an opportunity to witness a women-run organization grow from a seed to a dynamic congress of hundreds of members and participants. And it created the chance to connect with and get to know so many wonderful people. The experience was invaluable.

Along the way, we drew a series of nine of the organization’s virtual and in-person meetings. The goal was to capture the expertly crafted presentations, inspiring speaker messages, and to show the process as the Congress formed. But this project quickly became about so much more for our team.

The Women’s Forest Congress connected with us as part of their pivot to virtual meetings in 2020. They found our graphics to be so useful that they made us a regular feature of their meetings. We worked with them on both public events and team planning sessions, adding up to a grand total of nine events over a two year span – culminating in the first ever Women’s Forest Congress in October 2022.

The Women’s Forest Congress was an in-person networking, wellness, inspirational, informative, and aspirational gathering – where great minds in the forest sector came together to learn from the past and plan for the future.

We had the pleasure of attending this three-day event to digitally capture key sessions. Our tech displayed graphic recordings on two large screens during speaker sessions, to enhance the experience for attendees with visual mapping. Here are some of the big ideas that we captured live during the event.

The WFC team also printed our graphic recordings from previous meetings onto large panels, and displayed them in a gathering area just outside the event center. Attendees gathered to reflect on past meetings, and used the posters as fodder to strike up conversations with new faces – making our work both a quick, easily accessible reminder of the topics at hand, and a centerpiece for networking and human connection.

Here’s a look at those graphic recordings, spanning all the way back to 2020.

WFC is an org that we are proud to know and work closely with, and we are thrilled to have created lasting visuals for their team to look back on as they celebrate their growth from 2020, to 2022, and beyond!

Our team of visual storytellers is always hungry for the opportunity to capture meaningful events – and we’re in it for the long haul! If you’ve got an upcoming event, we have the tools to bring it to life!

Originally posted on Urban Wild Studio Blog.