Women’s Forest Congress

The Women’s Forest Congress is a dynamic and inclusive forum to develop strategies and solutions for forests. Women throughout the forest space have come together to share personal and professional experiences, connect with each other, shape the latest innovations, and consider how actions informed by our perspectives can make a profound impact on the future of forests.


We envision a world where there is universal equity and inclusion in our forest community.

All women are heard, empowered, and provided a sense of belonging. The influence and impact of all women are manifest in our relationships with forests.


Our mission is dual in nature – create community and affect change.

Together we create safe spaces to connect, inspire, and act as catalysts for change for the benefit of forests and all who rely on them now and for the future.

  • We value and abide by community agreements
  • We champion accessibility and provide ways for people to learn and grow together
  • We employ inclusive and collaborative leadership models
  • We are solutions-focused, solutions-driven, and action-oriented