Advisory Council

The Women’s Forest Congress Advisory Council will guide – and advise – the Steering Committee in planning, implementing, and delivering impactful outcomes from the Women’s Forest Congress.  This group of visionary, practical and supportive women will serve as advocates for the broader effort and ensure equal representation from a diversity of backgrounds, organizations and views. The Advisory Council brings unique knowledge and skills to augment the Steering Committee, with the goal of launching and building out the Women’s Forest Congress.

Ebonie Alexander
Ebonie AlexanderExecutive Director, Black Family Land Trust
Ebonie joined the Council because she thinks its work has value for all communities. On a personal level, she believes she will bring an important voice to the Council based on her cultural and programmatic experience. Ebonie lives on land that has been in her family for generations and when she walks in the woods she feels a spiritual connection with her ancestors.
Tia Beavert
Tia BeavertTribal Forest Manager, Yakama Nation Tribal Forestry
Tia accepted her role on the Council because she wants the opportunity to encourage other women to grow professionally and to enhance her ability to manage Yakama lands for her people. As an enrolled member of the Yakama Tribe, she brings a Tribal perspective to the Council.
MaryKate Bullen
MaryKate BullenDirector of Sustainability and ESG, Forest Investment Associates
MaryKate joined the Council to help ensure that women’s perspectives, concerns, and needs are considered in how we think about the future of forestry. She brings a strong global perspective on sustainability strategy and challenges facing the sector, which will complement the existing leadership of the Women’s Forest Congress. She enjoys hiking and camping in national forests and state parks with her husband and two rescue beagles.
Deborah Hawkinson
Deborah HawkinsonPresident, Forest Resources Association
Deborah believes the Council offers a unique and vibrant viewpoint for forestry and she is excited to contribute her thoughts to this important conversation. With over 25 years of experience in the forest sector, beginning in an administrative position, she brings a broad set of knowledge and expertise and a unique ability to relate to women at different stages of their careers. Deborah is fortunate to live along the Potomac Gorge, where she loves to hike with her husband and dog Brody, and help her family enjoy trees in a resilient and beautiful landscape.
Jessica Leahy
Jessica LeahyHenry W. Saunders Distinguished Professor in Forestry, University of Maine
Jessica joined the Council because she believes it has the potential to be an industry-wide game-changer that can encourage women to study forestry and bring diversity to the sector. She owns 400 acres of woodland in Maine and spends most weekends practicing silviculture with her husband and chocolate lab, Cori.
Caitlyn Pollihan
Caitlyn PollihanCEO and Executive Director, International Society of Arboriculture
Caitlyn accepted her role on the Council because she feels that increasing the participation of women in the forestry sector is critical for the future of our forests. Caitlyns’s regular visits to her local park in Atlanta have highlighted the importance of using her work to guarantee access to trees and green space for everyone.
Deborah Spalding
Deborah SpaldingCo-Chief Investment Officer, Commonfund
Deborah accepted her role on the Council because she believes women can provide a unique and important perspective on sustainable forest management. A passionate environmentalist, she brings her financial expertise and real-world market perspective to her work on the Council. An avid kayaker, Deborah enjoys spending time outdoors with her friends and family.
Andrea Tuttle
Andrea TuttleForest Policy and Climate Change Consultant
Andrea joined the Council to help the Women’s Forest Congress focus on the substantive knowledge that women can bring to the field of forestry. Andrea strongly believes women in forestry should use their voice to promote the importance of forests to the planet, ecosystems, and society by applying their science and management skills. The magic of ancient redwood forests is in close reach outside her door, where Andrea and friends are invigorated by their majesty
Tanya Wick
Tanya WickAssociate Vice President, Human Resources, Safety and Environment at University of Alberta
Tanya joined the Council to help create an open and supportive environment where women get the opportunity to develop the knowledge and abilities they need to build their careers. She likes to spend weekends outdoors with her partner and dog, where she can reset in a place where there are no boundaries, and the opportunities seem endless.
Asia Dowtin, PhD
Asia Dowtin, PhD Assistant Professor of Urban and Community Forestry, Michigan State University