Women’s Forest Congress Working Groups

Want to get actively involved in the Women’s Forest Congress planning?  Join a Working Group.  

Working Groups are being formed to plan the activities of the Women’s Forest Congress for 2021 and 2022.  A short description of each working group is noted below.

What’s involved?  

Working Groups will meet approximately one hour each month.  Work will include refining the stated goals, determining objectives and action items for moving forward in the planning process, and making recommendations to the Steering Committee for approval and subsequent implementation.

Meeting Design & Logistics – Goal:  Design dynamic, engaging events (e.g., virtual, regional, in-person) inspiring women to be the change agents that they are.

Stakeholder Engagement – Goal:  Ensure engagement and participation of diverse representation (e.g., age, career, region, background, race, etc.) across the forest and conservation community.

Fundraising – Goal:  Obtain funding from diverse sources interested in growing women leaders and sustainability to include in-kind support, sponsorships, exhibition, etc.

Communications & Marketing – Goal:  Promote the Women’s Forest Congress and engage partners in supporting the movement.

Content Development – Goal:  Develop content to build and expand women as change agents in the forest and conservation community.

I’m interested! How do I sign up?

To join a Working Group, please fill out the fields below. In the Comments box, note the group or groups in which you would like to participate.

For more information, please email us